Our Customers

Our Customers

Satwic has provided services to both Private Sector and Private Customer Client base.

A number of Private & Public Enterprises have relied on Satwic to help them visualize a roadmap, execute their digital evolution journey over the years. Satwic has been paving the path for our Customers in continuous digital evolution such as Application development, Databases & data warehouses development & support, Massively parallel systems aiding rapid actionable insights with modern visualizations and Cloud Analytics Datawarehouse As a Service, Robotic Process Automation, to name a few.

Private Sector

Satwic has been a strategic vendor of choice for a large media entertainment conglomerate that has various divisions such as Movie Studios, Theme Parks, Retail Stores, Licensing & Consumer Products division. The relationship started in 2004 and Satwic has been engaged in multiple Business Intelligence, Data, Application Development and QA initiatives at various divisions at this client. One of the larger divisions of this client outsourced Data Platform operations support where Satwic global team provides support 24×7 integrating Retail, Finance and other operational data to end users spread across the world.

Companies like Universal Studios, Edwards Life Sciences, AT&T DirecTV have leveraged Satwic expertise in Data related services.

A cosmetic care division of a Fortune 200 company, leverages Satwic’s global delivery model to modernize data platforms, actionable intelligence through advanced visualizations and managed support of data operations.

In the Education sector, Satwic personnel have been working on variety of Data Management, Analytics, Web Application Architecture and Development at UCLA, UC Davis and LAUSD.

An online legal technology company relies on Satwic for various Data modernization needs.

Satwic has an alliance with an Insurance Software vendor, where Satwic is the “white label” SME and Data team for implementation of value-added Data Warehouses and Analytics solution for the end clients of the Insurance Software vendor. Similarly, Satwic built the Analytics layer for an Auto Insurance Software provider for them to sell Analytics-As-Service to their end customers.

A data-driven, innovative digital marketing company that helps maximize the relationship between advertisers, publishers, and highly responsive consumers in the financial services industry relied on Satwic for Amazon S3/Redshift/AWS and Tableau based Analytics system.

A post-production finishing company offering editorial, color, audio, graphics, and digital services took help of Satwic in the merger of another division to build Data & Analytics systems using Microsoft technologies including Azure.

Public Sector

Satwic has IT Services contract and working with various City and County agencies in Southern California. This includes Housing, Department of Building & Safety, Department of Planning, Police Department, Water & Power, Metropolitan Water District, Metrolink, LA Metro, Los Angeles Worldwide Airports, LA County (multiple agencies), Los Angeles Unified School District, Port of Los Angeles, Public Social Services and many other agencies.

In the CA State, Satwic has delivered services at Department of Justice, Judicial Council, CALPERS to name a few.