Digital Technology

Digital technologies, tools, methods, currently used by organizations include Traditional Web Technologies, Cloud based services, Mobile/Internet technologies, Big Data, Internet Of Things, Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence Tools, Robotics/Robotics Process Automation, Advanced Neural Machine Learning, Augmented Reality technologies, Additive manufacturing (e.g. 3-D printing) and so on. But it’s important to note that Technology is not just to enable or support a business process, but instead it is at the core of each business process.

Modern day Digital Enterprise ready companies deploy technology to each of the business processes instead of just using technology to enable or support a business process.

This enables enterprises to intuitively adapt to customer needs, gain efficiency in operations, improve customer service, increase employee satisfaction. Afterall, an ideal Digital Enterprise is an automated, dynamic, flexible, self learning organization that can leverage technology to quickly gather information, identify opportunities and challenges, efficiently serve its customers, employees, partners and continuously adapt to changes. Satwic recognizes this is an evolution journey and has experience helping organizations in these technology advances. Satwic has strong practice in Cloud, Data/Analytics, Application development to help organizations execute on their vision to advance being a Digital Enterprise. Each of the practices are built on Thought Leadership, Innovation, Knowledge Enablement & Dissemination, Best practices in execution, Re-usability and other Practice Efficiency KPIs.

Satwic has certified personnel, governance, execution processes and templates, vendor partnerships, technology acumen in these areas. We’ve setup a SatwicU, which is a e-learning platform built with our decades of experience in these technology areas. All Satwic personnel go through bootcamps and are required to get periodic internal and external certifications.

However, choosing the right processes to automate is the first step towards ensuring success. In fact, one of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to RPA is when the organization selects the wrong process to automate. Artificial Intelligence enhances the service process with Machine Learning, Intelligent Optical Character recognition, Natural Language Processing. AI digitizes otherwise time-consuming routine processes, like answering basic customer questions or processing a return. Because artificially intelligent machines can do things like recognize faces and voices, machines are capable of performing many tasks. In order to achieve hyper automation, you must strategically employ AI.

Applying these disruptive technologies and using Data as an asset approach, many modern digital enterprises deploy Advanced Analytics to gain deep insights from Customer, Sales and Operational Data to gain efficiency in their processes, rapidly adapt to changes and perform at high level. . Organizations must adapt and change the way they used to operate in order to maintain the competitive edge and accelerate growth. These disruptive technologies and practices are changing the business landscape. Satwic being part of the success of many successful automation initiatives can guide your enterprise for successful selection and implementation of automation.