At Satwic, for over a decade, we have successfully formulated the best blend of technical, business and people expertise to offer tailor made solutions to suit our clients’ business needs. We analyze and understand the nuances of client business, organization culture and the specific needs of a project and strive to accurately evaluate and provide specialized resources to help you reach your goals faster.

In this unique delivery model, we partner with clients and take on projects integrally, working closely on the budget, scope, deliverables, skill set and timelines for each phase of the project. Working with us, you will experience the difference in our agility and quick response capabilities.

  • Advisory Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Managed Support Services
  • Business Intelligence & Data Integration:
    Architecture and Planning
  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing:
    Tool / Vendor Selection

It is crucial for today’s companies to rely on timely availability of relevant and trustworthy data to stay ahead of competition. Under such scenarios, it becomes extremely important to ensure that you employ the right architecture practices that address both short and long term needs of your company.

To guarantee effective solutions are in place to address your business goals, Satwic will help create a framework that consists of the right architecture, policy direction, standards and best practices.

Our experienced solution architects will help you prioritize requirements and come up with artifacts relevant for successful BI/DI implementation. They will also help you set the foundation for sharing information across the enterprise in a controlled and managed environment.

Many companies face hurdles in the form of user adoption challenges, outdated functionalities, poor performance, and/or simply the lack of knowledgeable resources to drive their projects into completion.

Satwic has helped many customers turn around struggling business intelligence and/or data integration efforts. This service is typically conducted in about a two week period, during which we will engage key stakeholders to assess the current state of the effort.

Our vast experience in the industry helps us identify the gaps and weaknesses and recommend corrective actions.

Businesses are constantly pressurized to adapt to newer technologies and tools to stay ahead of competition. The market opens up a vast selection of tools and technologies with each vendor touting their perspective and strengths. Capital investments for such adaptations typically tend to be significant, making it all the more important to make the right choice. This can be quite daunting and time consuming for your organization.

At Satwic, we’re vendor neutral and have extensive experience working with various tools and technologies. We will work with you to establish scoring criteria and evaluate each tool objectively and guide you to pick the right tool for your short and long term needs.

Further, we can build proof of concept solutions to validate key assumptions, thereby minimizing risk.

  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing:
  • Platform Migrations Implementation:

As Business Intelligence continues to expand its significance for today’s enterprises, successful BI programs need a trusted implementation partner along with data, technology, analytics, and human decision making.

Our team of BI implementation experts have years of experience in delivering highly successful solutions at extremely competitive prices by deploying our proven methodology and global delivery model. Our methodology is designed to reduce implementation time, risks and maintenance demands while addressing the critical factors that influence adoption.

Our BI implementation services include:

  • Analytical Reporting, Distribution & Alerting.
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Mobile Intelligence

Businesses need timely, trustworthy, and actionable data from disparate sources in order to satisfy their demands to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, meet compliance requirements, minimize risk and enhance competitive advantage. But the challenges are also increasing with explosion in data growth and fragmented data in disparate data formats including unstructured data residing both within and outside the firewalls (or clouds).

At Satwic, we have an impeccable track record of providing data integration solutions that set the foundation for sharing information across the enterprise in a controlled and managed environment.

Our Data Integration Center of Excellence is focused on innovation, geared to make data integration services faster, cheaper and more effective for our customers.

Fast changing business needs and a constant demand for more information could drive platform migrations in organizations. Replacing a well established platform requires extensive planning, well designed migration plans and complete data integrity. Fear of data and productivity loss and unexpected disruptions can hamper your plans to migrate to newer platforms and reduce costs.

At Satwic, we have been helping customers switch over to newer platforms with minimal disruption. We understand your concerns for data safety and have developed specialized techniques to perform migrations quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced team and well designed migration plans are function oriented and we can help your company evaluate the scope, plan better and execute the actual conversion process with confidence.

  • Managed Support Services

In today’s business environment, it is critical for companies to have access to ongoing and timely support for their Business Intelligence and Data Integration systems to ensure high performance and service levels. However, complexities of managing support for BI/DI applications in-house can consume a substantial portion of an organization’s budget and drain internal resources’ focus.

At Satwic, we strive to provide clients with greatest flexibility and confidence in its BI/DI Maintenance and Support services. Our services are SLA based, customized to meet your requirements and our team operates as an extension of your own team. This can help your company increase the long term effectiveness of your BI/DI solutions while reducing the burden on managing IT. You can instead divert your resources towards strategic and innovative capabilities. Our support model helps companies reduce risk with improved reliability and reduced operational costs.

Our support team develops a clearly defined set of processes and procedures based on the ITIL v3 principles to ensure a consistent and efficient delivery of support services. We have a proven track record in delivering the “follow the sun” support model, where we have qualified support resources available 24/7.


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