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The media entertainment industry faces real time challenge in managing, sharing and distributing content. With a constant need to access data and other content, media companies require trustworthy and efficient data management solutions to cater to their increasing demands. Emergence of disruptive technologies, evolving customer needs, and efforts to reduce costs has paved way for smart solutions in reliable business analytics. With ever demanding and changing distribution formats, many digital companies feel the need to focus on investing heavily in data based analytics solutions.

Satwic has helped Media and Entertainment companies build data integration and analytical systems to improve process efficiency and achieve tangible returns. Business areas we have contributed are:

  • Motion Picture (Box Office) & Content Distribution Analytics
  • Production Cost Analytics
  • Financial Analytics and Forecasting for Content Distribution
  • Royalty Payment Analytics
  • Revenue Share


Satwic can help you:

  • Integrate data from internal and external systems
  • Build Analytical systems for business process to measure KPIs
  • Deploy interactive visualization techniques in mobile and traditional formats
  • Social Media Analytics


Retail Analytics
Satwic Develops ‘Retail Analytics’ for a Fortune 100 Company to Help Build a Centralized, Integrated Data Warehouse

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