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Core Values

At Satwic, we ensure that our work, decision making and actions are always guided by our core values.

We believe in integrity and complete accountability for all our actions. Uncompromising business ethics, transparency and professional respect are the cornerstones of our business, thus inspiring trust in our customers.

Enduring relationships with our clients and our employees has been our biggest strength. Our belief and emphasis on relationships have rewarded us with a very high rate of repeat business from existing clients. We don't separate our success from the people we work with and we are pleased to be one of the lowest employee attrition rates in the industry. High employee retention ensures a stable team and enables us to deliver greater value to our clients.

Innovation is a catalyst to sustainable growth in an increasingly challenging business environment. At Satwic, we thrive on creativity and innovation in all aspects of work. Innovation, in fact is the driving factor behind our progress.   

Retail Analytics
Satwic Develops ‘Retail Analytics’ for a Fortune 100 Company to Help Build a Centralized, Integrated Data Warehouse

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